In time for its transitions from a state college to a state university, DEBESMSCAT opens itself up to welcome the fifth SUC president-the first lady to be elected in the position-from among its roster of home-grown experts, Dr. Renee A. Lamela. With her is the birth of a promise of a steady, resilient, results-oriented and excellence-driven leadership poised to place DEBESMSCAT as the foremost academic institution in Masbate and a key player in the field of agriculture in the country.

Hers was an achievement aspired by many but a journey feared by all. Just as ceramics are polished and made lustrous by the and heat of the furnace for hours on end, Dr. Lamela was repined by the scorch of her penchant for self-discipline and focus for self-refinement for the sake of attaining the state of inevitable excellence. She commands, in her arsenal, a good mix of experience both as faculty and an administrator.

Experience as a Faculty
As a faculty, she experienced teaching 30 hours a week on top of other assignments as school paper advising, extension work, coaching in cultural and literacy contests, class advising, working as a member of the committee on curriculum and engagements in socio-civic programs and projects. Although her initial engagement is in the field of values education, she has found a new passion and devoted her career in language instruction as well as producing readers and speakers of English in the most linguistically challenging students.

Having gained the trust and confidence of her colleague, she was elected the faculty president and served her term on 2002-2005 where she fought, and successfully received the approval of the Board of Trustees, for the 6-unit reduction of the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) from 30 to 24 units. The strength of her leadership was tested and established when she braved antagonism, pressure, and criticism from other members of the faculty to advance necessary-and arose triumphantly.

Experience as an Administrator

Years of dedicated and passionate pursuit for excellence as a faculty and the three-year experience as a faculty president, she earned herself the respect of her colleague and the right to chair the BSEd Department beginning on 1998. After four years, she was designated to higher positions as Director of the Teacher Education Institute, Dean of the Undergraduates Studies, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice President for Academic Affairs- testing the very limits of her administrative versatility by adapting to various situations and agility by responding to quick changes with minimal difficulty.

The pivotal point that propelled her administrative skills significantly forward was when she was designated as the Dean of Instruction when no manual or policy exist to guide the operation of her office and no CMO’s exist to guide the preparation and crafting of proposals or additional course offerings. Her wit, creativity, on-point analytical skills and writing mettle afforded DEBESMSCAT most of the programs it is offering now.

Her leadership style and skills, which almost always delivered excellent results, have become the core source of motivation for the faculty driving them to work over and above their terms. Somehow delivering results, when and as promised, as a result of the aggregate of efforts of each member of the faculty caused a force potent enough to keep everyone working even past their levels of comfort just to achieve or surpass the desired results. This is the leadership DEBESMSCAT has come to experience once more.

The President’s Vision

The transition from state college to a state university is yet to be completed. The success of such an endeavor greatly depends on the efforts of the current administration.

The president sees DEBESMSCAT as a university at the end of the three-year term, having complied for the requirements and recommendations of the CHED. In addition, she envisions the completion of the establishment of the Masbate City Campus, the first of the four campuses the college seeks to establish within the province, offering at least five degree programs. The goal is to make DEBESMSU the lead Higher Education Institution in the province of Masbate with the state-of-art facilities and faculty with the highest academic profile.

The current administration prioritizes the following:

A. Reformulating the Vision and Mission of the state college in preparation for the advent of the university status followed by the aggressive and relentless pursuit of such Vision and Mission, the goals of the colleges and the objectives of each program.
B. Equipping and capacititating the faculty and non-teaching personnel with relevant skills in the preparation for the 4.0 industrial revolution.
C. Recruiting new breed of competent human resource.
D. Acquiring the land title for the secured 1,700 (give or take) hectares, securing the areas with concrete fences and preparation and completion of the Comprehensive Land Use Program.
E. Creating a research niche on Batuan for production, product development and innovation and dairy cattle for milk production and product development.
F. Enhancing the IGP through the improvement of processes in the Business Affairs Unit.
G. Bringing DEBESMSCAT close to the communities, agencies, and industries by engaging in collaborations and partnerships.
H. Refining the policies and processes for continual improvement and clientele satisfaction.

As an educator, she believes that DEBESMSCAT needs to strengthen its focus on providing quality and excellent education by creating an environment that would produce graduates who are responsive to the requirements of the industrial-4.0 environment.

She maintains that the propel her goals to fruition, the faculty and staff needs to adopt a continuous mindset in the total development of the learners.